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ISSN : 1226-9999(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7851(Online)
Korean Journal of Environmental Biology Vol.35 No.3 pp.354-360

New Records of Intertidal Marine Algae from Korea


Bryopsis africana and Pyropia kinositae are reported for the first time on the list of Korean marine algal flora based on integrated morphological-molecular study. Bryopsis africana from Korea is recognized with distinct main axes, robust thalli, pinnately and radially branched above, and basally denuded. Phylogenetic analyses revealed that B. africana was placed within a clade of Bryopsis. Bryopsis africana differs from B. corymbosa by 2.7% gene sequence divergence. Pyropia kinositae is characterized by oblong to lanceolate thalli, entire margin, purplish red in color, twice as long as broad cells in transversal section view. Phylogenetic analyses revealed that P. kinositae was placed within a clade of Pyropia. Pyropia kinositae differs from P. tenera by 1.5-1.8%, P. ishigecola by 1.2-1.3%, and P. yezoensis by 1.5-1.8% gene sequence divergence respectively.