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ISSN : 1226-9999(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7851(Online)
Korean Journal of Environmental Biology Vol.35 No.4 pp.677-683

Monitoring and Impact of Marine Ecological Disturbance Causing Organisms on an Oyster and Sea Squirt Farm

Juun Park,Taekjun Lee,Donghyun Kim,Philjae Kim,Dong Gun Kim,Sook Shin


The Korean aquaculture industry was generally began in the 1970s and has gradually increased. Now, the number of households is about 7,068 and the scale of an aquaculture farm is about 248,014 ha; the value of all production in the industry is estimated to be about 1602.2 billion won. The aquaculture industry is very valuable and important for future food resources. However, the aquaculture industry was damaged by several marine ecological disturbance causing organisms. The Ascdiella aspersa colonized on the shell of scallop and then scallops were detached from rope. The patterns of damage in the aquacultures were observed in Tongyeong (oyster), Geojedo (oyster), and Gangneung (sea squirt) in June, 2017, as well as in Tongyeong (oyster) in November, 2017 by SCUBA divers. The species Halichondria bowerbanki, Bugula neritina, Mytilus galloprovincialis, Balanus amphitrite, Ascidiella aspersa, Ciona intestinalis, Didemnum sp, Styela plicata in Tongyeong, M. galloprovincialis, A. aspersa, C. intestinalis, D. vexillum, S. plicata in Geojedo, and M. galloprovincialis in Gangneung were all usually found in their farms. The marine ecological disturbance causing organisms gave rise to a reduced number of aquaculture products.

해양 교란생물로 인한 굴과 우렁쉥이 양식장의 피해 현황 조사